by Eliot Mannoia // March 25, 2023
reading time: 3 minutes

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© Ekaterina Bolovtsova (edited)

Thinking about things differently and challenging the status quo. A focus on soft skills at schools, for a more emotionally intelligent society.

A focus on soft skills at schools, for a more emotionally intelligent society.

I’ve always had issues with the predominant focus on hard skills in schools. They did not serve me well during my time.

Although I know things have changed since then:

And lots more. Let’s hope this development continues.

The first two concentric circles show: the previous structure where the focus in school lies on hard skills. The bottom two depict a focus on soft skills in the centre.

I would give soft skills the same importance as hard skills, and a primary focus.

New classes could blend topics like in the upper left quadrant, for example mathematics with decision making or physics with problem solving.

And what about self-awareness with computers and AI? Or stress management and chemistry?

Ultimately, I strongly believe that a greater focus on soft skills and emotional intelligence (EQ) in society will lead to a happier, healthier, peaceful and more productive society.

STEM / MINT subjects are absolutely important – but communications and soft skills are the glue that holds a society together. They also enable greater creativity and innovation.

I’m aware that I’m an idealist and not a curriculum designer, therefore welcome healthy constructive feedback.

Tell me: What would you change?

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