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We are digital psychologists

Your communications experts. Creating connections that grow your business by ensuring effective communication with all your stakeholders.

Discover how digital psychology can grow your business

We are all using more and more technology, and the technology we use is changing the way we interact with other technology. Our behaviour and expectations across digital, and offline, touchpoints are being conditioned at an incredible pace. Understanding and leveraging these changes in communication will improve your marketability, competitiveness and ensure continued business growth.

Thank you next, Shamia Casiano

We challenge the status quo in communications

Diverse experience

We bring 20 years of experience ranging from strategy, psychology, traditional media, digital media, performance marketing, PR, product development and usability.

We’ve worked for and with large corporations, start-ups, agencies and management consultants across multiple industries and geographies. Providing us the unique position to offer you truly holistic communications solutions.


Our client experience

Consulting experience

BrandKarma provided us significant value with their sales and communications workshop. We‘re looking forward to the next collaboration and can highly recommend them!

BrandKarma hat uns mit einem Sales und Kommunikations-Workshop einen deutlichen Mehrwert bieten können. Wir freuen uns auf die nächste Zusammenarbeit und können sie nur empfehlen!

Markus Inzinger
Founder & Owner

BrandKarma encouraged us to speak up to our convictions and supported us in distilling our core value proposition into clearer and more concise language.

Die Kunst liegt unserer Meinung darin, in wenigen Worten das Wichtige auf den Punkt zu bringen. BrandKarma beherrscht diese Kunst.

Werner Horn
Founder & CEO

Your communications experts

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