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Exploring the Intersection of Humans and Artificial Intelligence.

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About Mind / Machine

Mind / Machine is a podcast where Manuela Machner, an AI specialist in the tourism industry, and Eliot Mannoia, an AI expert and digital psychologist, explore how artificial intelligence is reshaping our society. From workplace dynamics to education, creativity, sustainability, and beyond, each episode delves into real-world examples, discussing the challenges and opportunities of AI integration. Join us for inspiring dialogues that bridge the human condition and technological innovation. Follow us on your preferred podcast platform for more insights into the human / AI interaction.

The podcast is currently only available in German language.

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24. Wie künstliche Intelligenz die Nachhaltigkeit beeinflusst

15. KI und Bildung - Wie Lernen sich verändert

5. KI und Innovation: Neue Wege für Innovation & Kreativität

2. KI im Alltag - unsere Lieblingstools und wie sie uns täglich unterstützen

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