We Believe Society Needs More Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence (EQ), is the capability to perceive, understand, manage and relate to our own emotions and those of others. It is indispensable for forging meaningful personal and professional relationships.

Eliot Mannoia, MBA

Digital Psychologist

Julia Rodriguez, MA

Digital Transformation Consultant

Alexandra Pytko, MA

Digital Strategy Consultant

Advisory Board


Dr. Luca Ticini, MBA

Cognitive Neuroscience Advisor


Our Approach to Consulting

We at BrandKarma are driven by the conviction that fostering emotional intelligence (EQ) in society leads to more profound and enriching human interactions—whether with peers, in our workplaces, or through our engagement with technology and AI. Understanding the emotional impacts of human and technological interactions enables us to lead more balanced and prepared lives.

At BrandKarma, embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion is fundamental to how we approach technology and AI development. We advocate for systems that reflect a wide array of human experiences and cultures, ensuring that our technological advancements benefit everyone, not just a select few.

We channel our passion for EQ into every facet of our work, collaborating with both profit and nonprofit sectors, including charities and educational institutions. We believe that by enhancing emotional awareness, we can transform not only personal connections but also how we interact with the digital world.

Are you ready to join us in nurturing a more emotionally intelligent society? Every contribution, big or small, helps us move closer to this goal. We would love to hear from you.