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The Intersection Emotional Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence and Technology.

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Things We Will Say in the Future

A look at trends shaping 2023 and beyond. What an exciting time, and a time to pause for reflection. It seems we’re beyond exponential growth concerning technology, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in particular. Here a short list of some of the things we might say in the future based on our trajectory.

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Communicating Bad News

This is my insurance bill. I get it once a year, and it’s the only touchpoint I have with them. Why would they not use this opportunity to build a relationship? Foster loyalty? Or try to up or cross sell me anything? There is no emotional intelligence or no story-telling in this post-purchase touchpoint.

Untapped growth potential in your business?

The importance of Emotional Intelligence in external and internal communications, and how it is often so neglected in most businesses.

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A Framework for Communications Strategy

I am fortunate in that I get to spend a lot of time with clients on a daily basis. I have worked with 100+ clients in industries ranging from retail, e-commerce, automotive, FMCG, insurance, gaming, banking, sports…

An introduction to the power of psychology driven communications

The importance of focusing on the benefits and the solutions you offer first, rather than beginning with your processes, capabilities and technologies.